Vision / Mission / Core values


  • remain the leading company in the provision of factoring products and services in the Croatian market

  • provision of factoring products and services that fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients

Core values

Erste Factoring Ltd. Zagreb comprises its employees with a strong sense of customer needs and core values ​​as guidelines in their daily operations.

Erste Factoring Ltd. Zagreb and its employees - we operate on the principle "from inside out" by investing in the education and training of our employees, for the success of our company depends primarily on their knowledge, creativity, skills and abilities.

Client Focus - we are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of our Clients, designing products and services that meet their expectations, and the care for their post purchase satisfaction.

Excellence - we decided to excel in that what is most important to us, our Clients satisfaction, the desire for progress, development, success in the market, and rapid response to changes in the business environment.

Integrity - We are consistent in everything we do and demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards in the realization of our vision and mission.

Teamwork - all our staff work closely with each other, applying learned knowledge and skills and thus individually or in teams have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Mutual support and sharing of knowledge from all our employees who are willing to give the best of themselves, enables us to achieve our vision.

Adoption of new knowledge – keeping in mind the importance of knowledge in a competitive environment, Erste Factoring Ltd. Zagreb systematically invests in training and develops its own specialized training programs for its employees. Investing in people and their knowledge will remain our core investment. We create and reward the desire to learn because we know that our company`s development and success depends on the knowledge and creativity of our employees.